Feb 12 2016

Dental Radiology: A Peek Below the Gumline

February is Dental Health Month and in celebrating the importance of dental cleanings in pets we would also like to highlight one of the tools that allow us to get the most complete picture of a pet’s oral health.

Dental Radiology is the newest tool on hand at Raritan Animal Hospital. With this technology we are able to better evaluate a patient’s teeth by viewing the tooth’s health below the gum line. In some cases an apparently healthy tooth may in fact have severe periodontal bone loss around the tooth roots.  Dental radiology also allows us to visualize areas where a tooth appears to have fallen out naturally and see if root fragments are still present. By increasing our knowledge about each individual tooth’s health we are able to provide our patients with the best course of action for their oral health and comfort.  Please talk to our veterinarians today about how we can best address your pet’s oral health needs.

Feline-Mandible, premolar Feline-Maxilla, canines & incisors Canine- Mandible, molars & premolars Canine- Maxilla, retained incisor roots

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