Aug 15 2016

Microchips: Small in size, but BIG in benefits!

Microchipping has increasingly become a standard in the veterinary and pet community. Rescue organizations typically will microchip pets before they are adopted out and some breeders may do the same before puppies go to their new homes. It has also become commonplace for many countries to require that a pet be microchipped before entering the country whether it be for a visit or permanent relocation.

For a period of time there was a difference between the types of microchips used in Europe compared to those placed here in the United States. This difference was in the scanner frequency needed to activate and read the microchips. Until recently most US microchips were read at a frequency of 125 or 128 kHz while the chips used overseas, known as ISO microchips, are activated and read at 134.2 kHz. ISO refers to International Organization for Standardization. This organization has set the global standard for microchip frequencies at 134.2 kHz. Having a global standard, allows for there to be consistency worldwide in pet identification. While it is not mandatory for the US to use ISO frequency microchips it is becoming more common.

Raritan Animal Hospital utilizes the ISO microchip as several of our clients do travel overseas with their pets. Also by having a standard microchip, the scanners used to read microchips can be universal and not limited by brand or variance in activating frequency. By making these changes we hope to increase the securities provided by microchipping our patients, as well as improve upon the ability for recovery of lost pets.

Be sure to talk to our veterinarians today as microchipping is a service that can be provided to a pet at any age and can be done during an office visit or in conjunction with a surgical procedure such as a spay, neuter, or even a dental cleaning!

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