Jan 12 2017

Taking Aim at Aches and Pains

We are proud to announce that we have 2 more products readily available on our shelves to help prevent and treat your senior pet’s arthritis symptoms!

Movoflex is manufactured by Virbac and contains the following ingredients for your dog’s comfort:

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ZANTHIN® – Natural Astaxanthin, an highly potent antioxidant for protection against free radicals and nitric oxide.

AKBA Boswellia serrata – A plant which contains pentacyclic triterpic acids that has been shown to support structural integrity of joints and connective tissues.

Proprietary Hyaluronic Acid-  A proprietary high-molecular-weight glycosaminoglycan, proven to be absorbed and distributed to connective tissues to support the viscosity of the synovial fluid.

BIOVAFLEX®-  Egg Shell Membrane, an innovative, new ingredient used in lieu of glucosamine and chondroitin, contains elastin, collagen, GAGs, Desmosine and Isodesmosine from chicken egg to support joint flexibility.

VITAMIN D3-  For healthy bone function.

Studies have reported improvement in pets in as little as 7 days. 

Duralactin chews help maintain healthy cartilage and joint function while managing inflammation associated with arthritis in aging dogs and cats. It’s beneficial ingredients are:
Image result for duralactinImage result for duralactin

MicroLactin®-  An exclusive dried milk protein concentrate, which contain factors that appear to block cytokines and inhibit neutrophil participation in the inflammatory response.*

Glucosamine HCl and MSM-  to support joint health and function

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